Transforming Regular RVs
"Smart Homes on Wheels"

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Universal Compatibility

Universally designed specifically for those who live and breathe the RV lifestyle. 
One device that can replace all!

List of Compatible Models

All Airxcel & Coleman Mach 

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  • Airxcel/Coleman Single Zone
  • Coleman MultiZone-9 series
  • Coleman MultiZone-8 series
  • Coleman -Dual Stage (2 AC)

Most Doemtic RV Thermostats

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  • Dometic 3-Wire Single Zone
  • Dometic-10 Button-Zone CCC
  • Dometic-12 Button-Zone CCC
  • Dometic-5 Button Multi-Zone 

All GE & Furrion Thermostats

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  • GE-3 Wire Single Zone
  • Furrion Single Zone
  • Furrion Single Zone(Int)
  • Furrion Multi-Zone

All regular Home Thermosatat

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  • All Home Thermostat
  • With Heat Pump & B & O

Never Lose Connectivity to Your RV

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Built-In Cellular

Control and monitor your pets even without stable Wi-Fi in your RV. Built for those who demand the best and value superior quality and innovation.

  • Auto connects to AT&T, T-Mobile, & Cellular One networks
  • Disable when not needed and enjoy a pay-as-you-go plan
  • Affordable at just $7.99 per month
  • Optional service if you already have stable Wi-Fi

Advanced Pet Monitoring System

Keeping RV Pets Safe

We don't just notify you about the temperature; we allow you to control your HVAC remotely. Designed for those who demand the best and understand the value of superior quality and innovation.

  • Automate your thermostat with Pet Mode*
  • Real-Time Alerts: Temperature & Humidity
  • Power Outage & Connectivity Notifications
  • Optional service if you already have stable Wi-Fi
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Beyond a Smart Thermostat

Our future development aims to control and manage all Bluetooth devices, automating your entire RV and providing a smart home experience for the price of your thermostat.

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Propane Tank.png__PID:b3acf8d9-c1b5-4b74-862b-609ad417a881

Seamlessly integrate with Mopeka propane tank sensors and receive mobile app notifications when your tank level is low.

h & t sENSOR.png__PID:f8d9c1b5-7b74-462b-a09a-d417a881d4b9

Monitor the humidity and temperature in every corner of your RV with remote H & T sensors. Ensure food safety by tracking temperature variations inside your RV fridge.

sMART pLUG.png__PID:eebfb3ac-f8d9-41b5-bb74-862b609ad417

Fully automate your RV by remotely controlling and managing all outlets with our smart plug integration. Effortlessly switch on your space heater, TV, lights, and more.

SMART RELAY.png__PID:c1b57b74-862b-409a-9417-a881d4b95519

Wire the relay to seamlessly automate your appliances and lights. Enhance your RV experience with effortless convenience and total control.

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A must have
ALL-IN-ONE device for your rV


Sim Card & Wi-Fi enabled

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Pet Monitoring

GPS Tracker & Smart Hub