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WalTech Smart Thermostat

PRE-ORDER - Universal Smart Thermostat V2 by Waltech

PRE-ORDER - Universal Smart Thermostat V2 by Waltech

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*Estimated fulfillment February, 2024.

Batch 1: All order before 16th Aug - Expected Delivery Dec 2023 - (SOLD OUT)
Batch 2:- After 16th Aug - Expected Delivery Feb 2024 - (Available- closing soon)

Note: You can cancel you pre-order anytime. All pre-order cancelations will have a $20 pre-order cancelation charge.

Compatible with single-zone, multi-zone and also two stage RV thermostats

Manage your AC, heater, and fan from anywhere in the world. Ensure your RV remains perfectly cozy. Now with enhanced manual and automatic modes. Don't just adjust; command your comfort!

Is there a monthly fee? If yes, can I cancel if I don't need it?

GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY: Don't have stable Wi-Fi in your camper? Use our built-in global sim card. It auto-connects to major networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Cellular One, always latching onto the strongest signal. All this for a mere $7.99/month. Stay effortlessly online with Waltech!

You can always cancel the cellular connection using our mobile app and there won't be any charges. Just use it only when you are camping.

Designed for RV Pets with a backup battery

Keep an eye on your furry friends while on the road with our RV pet monitoring system.

With our smart thermostat and built-in alert system, you can check in on your pets from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone or tablet. Our smart thermostat has a built-in battery and will alert you even during a power outage, so you can make sure your pet isn't too hot or too cold. No more worrying about leaving your pets behind; with our RV pet monitoring system, you can bring them with you on your next adventure.

No more running back; now you can adjust on your heating and cooling remotely!

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